Social media can reduce poverty in Africa

Social media can reduce poverty in Africa

By Riziki Mbena (Bachelor of Rural Development)

Understanding poverty in Africa

The majority of people in Africa and Asia are poor, People fail even to get a single dollar per day despite all opportunities available in these continents

People use social media like twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media but they gain nothing rather than socialization. But these social media could create true online job to all people who use these social media.

Poverty analysis in Africa


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Poverty in Africa

A unique aspect of poverty the report covers is its multidimensionality. The report suggests that being poor is not just defined by a lack of income. Well-being is an accumulation of many aspects, including education, access to basic utilities, health care, and security.

Earning a certain threshold of income may still not be enough to meet these basic needs. Using this multidimensional definition of poverty, the report suggests the share of poor is approximately 50 percent higher compared to strictly monetary indicators.

This is especially the case in sub-Saharan Africa. Figure 3 shows this multidimensional poverty by representing consumption (blue oval), education (orange oval), and access to basic infrastructure services including drinking water, sanitation, and electricity (yellow oval) as a layered Venn diagram. The figure identifies each individual categories contribution to total multidimensional poverty, as well as the overlaps. For instance, 28.2 percent out of the total 64.3 percent multidimensional poor experience simultaneous deprivations in education, consumption, and access to basic infrastructure.

How social media can reduce poverty in Africa

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